50 Decadent Ceilings That'll Blow Your Guests Away

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Macramé Chandeliers

    Macramé Chandeliers

    Macramé chandeliers are a little bit southwest and little bit boho, the perfect choice for the free-spirited couple.

    Photo Credit: Geoff Duncan

  • Honeycomb Balls

    Honeycomb Balls

    A dance floor canopy made out of ribbon and tissue paper honeycomb balls in blush, peach, mint, and gray screams a good time.

  • Greenery


    A lush greenery chandelier brings romantically woodsy vibes.

    Photo Credit: Erin Jean Photography

  • Golden Glow

    Golden Glow

    Tawny fabric sweeps extravagantly across the ceiling, combining with suspended industrial lights to bathe the reception in a golden glow.

    Photo Credit: The Why We Love

  • Floral Wreath

    Floral Wreath

    An oversized floral wreath of roses creates the perfect spotlight for bride and groom to share their first dance.

    Photo Credit: Ira Lippke Studios

  • Geometric Lanterns

    Geometric Lanterns

    Geometric-shaped lanterns are both modern and romantic, merging abstract with nature in this set-up.

  • Floral Arch

    Floral Arch

    A summery floral arch creates a vibrant ceiling for this wedding brunch.

  • Amber Lanterns

    Amber Lanterns

    Cylindrical lanterns cast a soft, amber glow over this reception space, illuminating the ceiling’s centerpiece of fauna and creating a romantic mood.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • Dangling Blooms

    Dangling Blooms

    A festival of florals from above commands the room’s attention, adding a splash of color to an all white affair.

  • Eccentric Fun

    Eccentric Fun

    A monochromatic marquee, colorful streamers, and rainbow of lanterns create a quirky feast for the eyes.

    Photo Credit: Blooming Photography

  • Floral Extravagance

    Floral Extravagance

    This tent is fit for a princess, from decadent pink uplighting to lavish clusters of rose, complete with strings of crystal and chandeliers.

    Photo Credit: Samuel Lippke Studios

  • Floral Tray

    Floral Tray

    A hanging tray of overspilling wildflowers, complemented by an affectionate sign, perfectly accents any ceiling.

    Photo Credit: Chaz Cruz

  • Floral Frame

    Floral Frame

    A lush runner of flowers at the edge of a billowing white canopy, complete with two elegant crystal chandeliers, romanticizes this table setting and frames picturesque views of the sea and mountains.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • Eclectic Chandelier

    Eclectic Chandelier

    Innovative and eclectic, these upside down crates teaming with greenery, white florals, and incandescent light reimagine the blank canvas of a warehouse ceiling. 

    Photo Credit: Viera Photographics

  • Draping


    Classic white draping is a no fail option for achieving a timeless look, like this linen spawning from the candle chandelier to the edge of the ceilings.


  • Decadent Florals

    Decadent Florals

    Who wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle underneath a breathtaking ceiling like this? A shower of blush florals transforms this ceremony into a romantic vision.

    Photo Credit: Andrew Bayda

  • Chic Outdoors

    Chic Outdoors

    Cascading drapes, delicate chandeliers, and suspended bouquets of blooms and greens are nothing but chic.

    Photo Credit: KT Merry Photography

  • Bunting


    This colorful bunting’s playful mix of patterns dresses up a plain white tent roof.

    Photo Credit: Benjamin and Elise

  • Balloons


    White balloons are a beautiful and affordable way to dress up the space above; their rubbery texture adds a shimmer and their strings a whimsical touch.

    Photo Credit: Beatrici Photography

  • Beaded Chandeliers

    Beaded Chandeliers

    Single beaded chandeliers shine bright when the rest of the lights go down, resulting in a magical ambiance.

    Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lloyd

  • Canopy of Lights

    Canopy of Lights

    A glittering canopy of fairy lights meet at one stylishly copper chandelier, together creating the perfect glow for a dance floor and shining like magic against a dusky sky.

    Photo Credit: Concept Photography

  • Earthy Elements

    Earthy Elements

    White spherical lanterns, evergreen and goldenrod ribbons, and string lighting crisscross across wooden rafters, rounding out the venue’s earthy elements.

  • Edison Bulbs

    Edison Bulbs

    Just because you don’t have a ceiling doesn’t mean you can’t create one. An awning of Edison bulbs rounds out the modern feel of this classy reception.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • Fabric


    Fabric weaved in and out of rafters creates a luxuriously billowing look.

  • Flower Garlands

    Flower Garlands

    It’s raining gerber daisies — at least that’s what it looks like with these beautiful garland suspensions.

    Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lloyd

  • Gobo Lighting

    Gobo Lighting

    Gobo lighting and uplighting work to create a midnight dream, complete with an inky violet sky and illuminating stars.

    Photo Credit: Gruber Photographers

  • Gold Stars

    Gold Stars

    There’s nothing more romantic than dancing under the stars.

    Photo Credit: Samuel Lippke Studios

  • Starry Night

    Starry Night

    Welcome to Morocco. From the floor of the opulent lounge seating and elaborate rugs to the ceiling of gold Moroccan lanterns and a projected starry night, this rich reception tent is a whole other world.

    Photo Credit: Raj Tents

  • Vintage Chandelier

    Vintage Chandelier

    A vintage chandelier with wrought iron fixtures dazzles against rich purple uplighting.

    Photo Credit: Mark Malijan

  • Variety of Lights

    Variety of Lights

    Lanterns, bulbs, and a mason jar chandelier mix and match to create a fiesta of light in a rustic barn.

  • Uplighting


    A ceiling like this needs no décor — only a bit of lighting effects. Soft gold and purple uplighting accentuates dramatic arches.

    Photo Credit: Pedro Vilela

  • Sheer Panels

    Sheer Panels

    This grandeur reception combines swooping navy blue sheer panels, a damask patterned Gobo lighting, and dazzling chandeliers to create a ceiling stunning in splendor.

    Photo Credit: Kent Drake Photography

  • Striped Ceiling

    Striped Ceiling

    A red and white striped roof and balloon centerpieces take inspiration from circus fun.

    Photo Credit: Kat Forsyth

  • Pom Poms

    Pom Poms

    White draped fabric mimics the classiness of the dining era, while dangling tissue paper pom-poms beckon everyone to the dance floor for some fun.

    Photo Credit: Nina-Photo

  • Paper Lanterns

    Paper Lanterns

    Purple lanterns in shades of lavender, lilac, and orchid add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette.

    Photo Credit: Mark Tattersall

  • Mossy Chandelier

    Mossy Chandelier

    A large chandelier topped with moss and white florals takes its cue from an ethereal woodland.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • Light Bulbs

    Light Bulbs

    This overhang of wired light bulbs resembles an art installation, emitting a contemporary vibe.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • Modern Design

    Modern Design

    At a glance, this sleek and industrial light fixture resembles shooting stars, providing a design that’s minimalistic while still drawing the eye to the center of the tent.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa Photography

  • Stringed Lighting

    Stringed Lighting

    A draping of stringed lights allows this tent’s roof to twinkle in a sea of light. 

  • Streamers


    Suspended crowns of fairy lights and streamers in a soft palette are pastel perfection.

    Photo Credit: Anne-Claire Brun

  • Leaves


    Strings of gold leaves add a touch of glam to any fall wedding.

  • Rustic Chandeliers

    Rustic Chandeliers

    Two statement chandeliers made of branches entwined with string lighting bring nature indoors for a rustic and elegant feel.

  • Ribbon Charm

    Ribbon Charm

    Vivid ribbon in peach, pink, and sky blue hues liven up this reception pavilion. Who wouldn’t want to party under a ceiling like this? 

  • Potted Plants

    Potted Plants

    Suspended pots of luscious blooms burst with hot pink and flaming orange colors for a quaint and charming look. 

  • Pendant Chandeliers

    Pendant Chandeliers

    Man-made meets Mother Nature in this combination of silver pendant chandeliers, tufts of ferns, and vibrant blooms.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • Paper Décor

    Paper Décor

    Strung pieces of paper in a blush and neutral color scheme create a modern light and airy romantic vibe.

    Photo Credit: Jenn Emerling Weddings

  • Organic Elements

    Organic Elements

    Illuminated balls of twine and a wooden chandelier pop with blue and rich berry tones, lending an organic feel with a touch of whimsy. 

    Photo Credit: BL Photographs

  • Open Roof

    Open Roof

    Translucent white draping runs from the walls to the roof of the tent in a cohesive look. Ideal for an outdoor wedding, this open style provides a beautiful ceiling while still allowing guests to enjoy the wind’s breeze.

    Photo Credit: True Photography

  • Nature Details

    Nature Details

    Branches entwined in twinkle lights and married with crystal beans and votives mix rustic and glamour vibes.

    Photo Credit: Jeff Loves Jessica

  • Moravian Stars

    Moravian Stars

    This Moravian Star light installation offers a sparkling and unique touch that’s both whimsical and a bit vintage.

50 Decadent Ceilings That'll Blow Your Guests Away