Back to the Future: Newlyweds See Themselves 50 Years from Now

When a couple who's madly in love realizes they want to get married and spend the rest of their lives together, naturally, they may wonder what their own version of forever will be like. "Will we be happily married in the future?" "Do we ever have kids in the future?" "Do we retire at a decent age?"

At Ben Nissen's wedding to his wife Katie Clementz, all of these questions and more were answered when the couple video-chatted with some very special guests — the future versions of themselves, 50 years from now! The best part is that they even had Jetsons-like cars zooming past them in the distance (whew, it was about time those were invented).

These happy newlyweds come from a creative background: The groom is the senior video editor at Groupon and the founder of his own video company, and the bride is a graphic designer. We tip our hats off to them (do they still have those in the future?) for finding such a unique way to incorporate their passions into the wedding reception.

You'll just have to watch this hilarious video for yourself to see how their relationship turns out over time:

Congrats to the happy newlyweds!

— Stefania Sainato

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