• Whenever I tell someone that I am taking a boxing class to get more toned for my wedding, their reaction is always the same: "I want to try kickboxing, too!" After I explain that I meant "boxing" as in punching bags, gloves, and a ring where the point is to knock someone else out, I'm met with shocked expressions. "But why?" they'll ask.

  • Want to tone up and slim down before the big day? Reach your goals in no time with these fitness tips.
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  • Sue Fleming explains why core strength is so important, and how to find the right fitness ball for you.
  • All those fitness conundrums, solved.

  • Actress and Jenny Craig spokesman Sara Rue has lost over 40 pounds on her way to her wedding. Here, she tells Bridal Guide how she did it--and how you can too!
  • Planning a honeymoon in the sun? Want to stay in shape? You don't need a mat, just a towel for these simple exercises.
  • These ab and thigh exercises will have you getaway ready in no time!
  • Get tips, secrets and tricks on how to start your bridal diet and fitness plan--and learn how to stick to 'em.
  • Get moving with these wedding workout pointers from certified fitness instructor and personal trainer Nikki Glor of Nikki Fitness.


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