The Best Workout for Your Wedding Gown

A trainer's shape-up strategies for every wedding dress style, from strapless to backless and beyond.
Bonne Marcus


strapless watters wedding gown
Gown by Watters

The goal: Give rise to the bustline and tone the arms and shoulders à la FLOTUS.

Key moves: With a variety of hand positions from close to wide grip, nothing beats the push-up. Yoga moves like downward dog and side arm balances will strengthen and define the arms and shoulders. Hitting the heavy bag with jabs, crosses and upper cuts is another great way to tone the arms.

Good to know: What’s key to standing out in style is your posture. If your neck and back muscles are tight, your head will angle forward. If your shoulders and chest are too tight, your shoulders will round inward. Imagine how that would look in your strapless gown? Not very flattering! Adding a regular stretching routine to your workouts will have you standing tall and walking gracefully down the aisle.

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