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Bridal Guide Magazine and BridalGuide.com provide the complete resource for engaged women. We serve as the "How To for I Do," giving our audience the ideas and information they need to plan their wedding. Our publication and web site work together to provide the most comprehensive wedding guide available, including up-to-the-minute advice and in-depth information.

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Chairman: Mike Rosenbloom
President: Barry Rosenbloom
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Editorial Staff Members

Editor in Chief, VIP: Diane Forden

Art Director: Mary Cate Godfrey
Executive Editor: Mary Clarke

Fashion and Beauty
Fashion and Beauty Editor: Naima DiFranco
Assistant Editor: Brittany Robins

Travel Editor: Jenna Mahoney

Health and Fitness Editor: Valeria Bucovetsky
Food and Wine Editor: Andrea Rich

Deputy Art Director: Wendy Mansfield

Production Manager: Dai Preston

General Manager, VP: Jennifer S. Lazarus
Senior Web Producer: Stefania Sainato
Senior Web Editor: Kristen Klein

Marketing Staff Members

Publisher, VP: Jeff Hendlin

Fashion Advertising
Associate Publisher, VP: Jim Duhe
Advertising Manager: Rachel Sonn Bashner
Advertising Associate: Rachel Dichter
Co-op Account Coordinator: Valerie Passman

Travel Advertising
Associate Publisher: Lisa Theodore
Advertising Coordinator: Karen O'Doherty
Special Travel Advisor: Thomas F. Curtin

General Advertising
Senior Director: Steven Ritterman

Classified & Direct Response
Advertising Manager: Michelle M. Sciortino

Marketing Services
Creative Services Director, VP: Rita Sadowski
Promotion Art Director: Patricia Nordin
Senior Marketing Manager: Lynda Farrow Hanratty
Promotion Designer: Alicia Mackin

Digital Marketing Director: Amy Schweitzer
Multimedia Marketing Associate: Noelle Gharbi